Thursday, May 29, 2008

An introduction

I think a longer introduction to this exercise is needed to really pull out the reasons behind why I am attempting to read all of these stories. I shouldn’t say attempting, why I will read all is more like it.
I first discovered my attraction to the short story several years ago as I sat in a Laundromat early Saturday mornings. It was there, that I was able to read several stories in relative peace and really appreciate what the stories had to convey to me.
I will place the bulk of the blame for my addiction on the Journal “Glimmer Train”. We won’t see that name appear again for some time seeing that they didn’t start publishing until the early 1990’s.
Why 1978-2008? 30’s a nice number, and it’s the first year that the collection began to choose a different editor/selector every year. I also have the thought that as time goes by that I’ll change the 30 year to a new number and push back my starting year to birth year.
So, enough with the introduction. Lets get to the reading and writing.

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