Thursday, January 22, 2009

Excuses are like...

Excuses are like...
This is turning out to be more about my excuses for not writing and posting than actual reading and writing. I suppose this is all about development.
Here are my excuses and I think they are pretty valid.
You have no choice but to accept them just as I have.
We will suffer together.
First -I was training for, and finished my first marathon. Due to the fact that all of my training takes place early in the morning, that pretty much knocks out morning reading. Days between runs are taken up by cross training.
Second – I discovered DFW, and I bought IJ. I then began to read everything I could about DFW, and once I obtained a copy of IJ, I began reading it.
Third – Through my readings about DFW, I discovered that he enjoyed Stephen King’s book “The Stand”. Setting IJ aside, I borrowed “the Stand” and plowed through 600 or so pages of it before I discovered that I was bored with it and returned it to the library..
I have now picked up another book called “Sashenka” (Russian themed) and since I am obsessed with Russia (as you will soon realize) I had to start reading this book. I am about 60 pages into it, and honestly, it really isn’t doing anything for me so I am now at the point where I think I will be picking up the BASS once again.
So, I am great at making excuses, and the presence of this blog really hasn’t done anything to get me motivated to read and report. I suppose that also illustrates my lack of discipline.

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