Friday, January 8, 2010

Breathe man...breathe.

Ups and downs - Anger and pleasure - Happiness and sadness - Hours without end. Confused sharpness with a blurry edge.

And all the while – I didn’t read. I didn’t use what I know comforts me.

The weight of these stories pressed themselves upon me daily.

I’m back now from a trip that’s been too long - but with a refocused energy.

It’s simple – it’s just time to read.


  1. Loved finding this blog. Short stories are my favorite reading and I love this series. I also recently decided to fill in the copies I already have with all the books from 1978 on. I probably would've been content with what I already had (1990-2009 except for two broke years, '93 & '00, the '80s collection, and the century collection) and buying the 1915-1965 collection, except for this stray copy of BASS 1965 I have that belonged to my dad. That one copy begs me to fill in the years around it, which is a daunting and expensive task, so I'm hoping just having all the books with guest editors will satisfy me!
    (I'd also thought of starting at my birth year, but that's be 1969, which is so close to 1965, and then I'd have half the '60s anyway ... ;)
    Have fun!

  2. Hi Shauna!
    Thanks for writing. If I could be of any assistance in finding inexpensive volumes, please let me know. I too thought about starting at my birth year ('72). Perhaps when I finish all of these, I'll look into making those purchases. Good luck hunting, and thanks for writing.