Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Dolphin Story – Joyce Renwick

Joyce Renwick - 1942 - August 14, 1995

Well no shit – here we go again -

Joyce met her mentor, John Gardner, while studying at Bread Loaf. He taught her to “Just Tell The Story.” She had this motto hanging above her computer, typeset, and framed in bright yellow. She used to say this gave her such freedom, such permission to write. John Gardner was an inspiration to Joyce and, while at Bread Loaf, she interviewed him and many of the other writers (including John Irving) for a collection of interviews she called the Bread Loaf Dialogues. The Gardner interview was bought by NPR and broadcast nationwide.



Why! Why! Why!

You know, this was a decent story. It held my attention, was suspenseful and overall, I found it rather interesting.

And that’s about it. That’s about all I got out of this story. It was a story, plain and simple.

I looked for something in to to trigger some sort of connection with my life, and honestly, I came uop with zilch – nothing, nada.

Even now, when I have allowed the story to mellow for several days before writing about it here, I have nothing.

Perhaps I am placing too much pressure on myself to find a lesson in each story, and just to take a story as a story. Perhaps something will develop at a later date.

-I’ll wait.

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