Thursday, May 19, 2011

Communist – Richard Ford

Even before my son was born I thought about how my parents behaved in their life when I was an infant, a baby, a child and young boy.
In what I am beginning to realize now as what was the last true/honest lucid discussion between my father and I in a motel room back in 2003, – before Alzheimer’s kicked into a degree that we could all clearly recognize, I was able to get the last few details I needed to complete the picture of what my father’s life was like as a new father and husband.
It was enough detail to solidify the pissed-off disposition I carried towards him several years before the discussion, and continue to carry today.
I’m able to keep those feelings neatly compartmentalized and draw upon the emotions they stir when I need to…but I don’t see the necessity to live daily with them in my life.
I suppose that I’ll wrestle with the damage of the divorce for the rest of my life. I’ve accepted that…soooo I’ll deal with it.
During several of our long evening walks as M and I discussed the timing and possibilities of starting a family, I’d drag out into the conversation the almost disbelief I had at my father’s behavior when he was 33-38. Now I know there are two parties involved in a divorce, and in the past I’ve said pretty much nothing about the role that my mother played in that whole affair. She factors into the decision that they made…but if I were to break it out and assign percentages of blame, I’d say it was 90% him 10% her. That measly 10% is also probably why I hardly mention her in these posts…she of course was a huge influence in my upbringing but at this time is my writing…I cannot bring her into this space – not yet.
I like to think that M and I are making better decisions and have established a better relationship than my parents had when my sister and I were young.
The relationships that the main character has in this short with the adult characters drove me to think about the future with my son and wonder about our relationship. It caused me to wonder about the relationship he will have with his mother.
It made me think about what my mother felt as she worked hard to raise my sister and I as my father spent hours and hours away from home…working.
It made me think about my mother and I after the divorce – our relationship.
The weight she carried the responsibility to care for two young children – alone.


  1. Thanks for your website. So is the post above by Richard Ford? Also in your #2 spreadsheet I noticed that Alice Adams's story "Roses, Rhododendron" is not listed. Good luck with your collection.

  2. Hello and thank you for your comment. No, the above is not by Richard Ford - it's just my reaction/state of mind after reading his short story. Thank you for pointing out my oversight of Adams. I think it's about time I remove that spreadsheet from the page or update it to reflect the last few years...I think I created it about 5 years ago. Thanks again.