Monday, March 19, 2012

The Best American Short Stories 1987 Completed!

A few things about this volume.

Overall, I enjoyed the selections Beattie placed in this volume. I think if I had read them closer together as a larger bunch, I may have appreciated the flow of one story to the next as she intended the reader to experience. Beattie decided to present the stories in an order outside of the normal alphabetical by author which should be appreciated because she took the time to think outside of the individual stories and more towards the whole volume. I enjoyed the selected author’s notes at the end of the volume which shed some light into the sparks that ignited their stories or gave us a glimpse into their style of developing their composition.

There were 13 male authors and 7 female authors.

5 stories from The New Yorker – 3 from Esquire and two from The Atlantic. The remaining stories were drawn from known/established literary journals.

A little breakdown of my reading.

I began this volume on the date of the introduction post November 7, 2011 which was

4 months 12 days
19 weeks
133 days
95 weekdays
.36 years

Another record breaking time span for a single volume. Although I don’t think it’s the longest, (pretty sure 1978 was the longest), but it’s right up there.

I’m finishing the volume with this post – today March 19, 2012.

That works out to (including the introduction – 20 stories +1) a post and story every 6.33 days.

Let’s move on.

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