Monday, October 22, 2012

Victoria - Hilding Johnson

I'll turn once again to my thoughts on me and writing - and yes, they are still thoughts and they are just that – nothing more.

Perhaps I'm a volcano and I'll erupt - or one day, I'll get hit on the head, and my world will tilt just enough to get me to actually write something - meaningful.

Hilding Johnson, in her contributor's notes, reminds the reader that an author has the luxury of creating a world through their writing...sometimes a world that they have never physically visited.

I've been doing a lot of world creating and it's remained in my head - there have been efforts in the past to get them on paper but that perfect stone has not fallen from the sky causing those worlds to be transferred to paper.

I am afraid at times that the stone will be too big and crush me under its weight. It needs to be just the right size - and come at just the right time.

Could I possibly set up any more barriers for myself?


  1. Hilding Johnson was my aunt who recently passed away. i was teally happy to come across this

  2. Hello Ben - Thank you for taking the time to comment and letting me know that your aunt passed away. All i know of her is that she must have been a very talented author - as she was selected for inclusion in the BASS. I was happy to read her story. Take care. -Jakon