Monday, July 26, 2010

The Artificial Moonlight – Donald Justice

Donald Justice - August 12, 1925 - August 6, 2004

During the period of my life when I would have developed the friendships and connections that the characters in this story shared, I was busy wasting time in my life.

I had a pretty solid base, actually, a very solid base, of friends that I made in college, but as college friends usually do, we scattered ourseleves across the country.

These friends were made during a shared struggle. The friendships served their purpose, and actually, I think that there would only be a couple of guys that I would classify as “true friends” that came out of those 4 years.

After leaving school, I bumbled around and didn’t create any lasting friendships.

I had not yet discovered the direction that my life need to move in and I was attempting to live out all of the experiences that I missed in college (sow my wild oats).

Would I trade that time?

Simply – no.

Soon, I realized that I need to get my act together, I found myself in another country where I was isolated not only by geography but my language and culture.

I made friends and even met my wife - but again, – nothing like the characters in the story.

Later - For the past ten years – back in the States, work has kept me busy during the days, and socializing with people during non work hours outside of my family is something that I really haven’t done.

Looking at myself from about 1,000 feet, I can see that I have chosen a small circle of people to really care about.

I have seen them grow and develop over the years, and I continue to be amazed by the transformations of their lives.

This atmosphere that I have created for myself is one that allows me a bit of weightlessness.

I am living a happy life. Those closest to me are happy with me, and I with them- ...after all, this is all that matters – right?

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