Monday, July 12, 2010

Inexorable Progress – Mary Hood

Mary Hood - September 16, 1946

You pass people everyday who are fighting it. People at your place of work, school in your neighborhood store or at your place of worship. A black clawing menace that if not brought under control will push them to death.

It’s scary man...really scary.

You think you know someone... and then well, it’s too late.

And what’s even more frightening, is that some people are really good at hiding their internal struggle until it’s too late.

Their actions take everyone by surprise and lay waste to the conscience of those who thought they knew.

You see, no one really knows another.

There is so much hidden within us all.

We do a wonderful job of giving the world an image that we feel it wants from us.

We let it down for a select few – our parents, siblings, spouses or really good friends...but, I honestly believe that there is a little bit within each of us that never makes it to the surface – a little bit that we keep hidden within our selves.

Out of shame.

Mary Hood does a wonderful job in a difficult format – the short story, to present the everywoman – and the disturbing turn her life takes as she wrestles with her black clawing menace – and sadly the inability to find relief through suicide when she is brought back by the hands of our society to face the evils within her once again.

Her character saw a door, an escape.

We all have so many difficulties in our lives. This world that we live in is tough.

But of all those difficulties that we face, how many are created by us?

Magnified by us to a point where sane management is out of our reach?

Modern medicine has allowed us to disguise so many things about ourselves. Mental illness and sexual dysfunction are right up there at the top for Americans.

The number of Americans popping Soma pills daily to make it through their lives is incredible.

Do they need the pills?

Sure they do.

Do they abuse the pills?

Sure they do.

They are human aren’t they?

Why wouldn’t they?

This is our world – their reality.

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