Friday, September 10, 2010

The Best American Short Stories - 1985

So, here we are “The Best American Short Stories 1985”.

Let’s take a look at how this book landed in my collection. Back in August 2009, I requested several books for my birthday…the books that would fill out my collection of the BASS anthology.

The good folks over at Better World Books made it quite simple for me by having the four years I need to round things out.

A few quick clicks on the “purchase” button and the books were on their way. ’80 ’81 ’82 and 85 sent right to my mailbox.

They make it pretty easy by having such a massive collection. One of the things I like about BWB is that they sell former old books. Some people may have a problem with this but I happen to find it really special. The books have a little more character.

I like to take a look at what library they came from and then explore their former home.

BASS 1985 came from the “Saratoga Springs Public Library”. It look like it entered their collection in October of 1985. The book is in pretty good shape. The pages are a little yellowed but overall, it’s sturdy and looks like it will survive the next several months traveling with me to and from work. I have no idea how the book ended up at BWB. Perhaps it was donated by the library…or acquired in a bulk purchase by BWB.

I’d like to think that I will finish this volume quicker than 1984. I really don’t know what happened with that year…

Taking a look at some of the authors listed on the back, I find some familiar names-

Joyce Carol Oates

Sharon Sheehe Stark

Joy Williams

Jane Smiley

Wright Morris

It’s hard to tell how well this book did in circulation. The old due date card is missing from the pocket in the back of the book. I suppose that every library has its own reason for pulling a book from its collection. I think it’s safe to assume that the book spent at least 22 years on the shelves of the Public Library. That’s quite an impressive run.

Well, I’m happy someone decided to pull “1985” from the stacks and allow it to travel to me.

SSPL has a presence on Facebook and looking around their page, they are doing a fine job of utilizing that social networking service. The library building itself is beautiful…according to their webpage it was completed in 1995.

And with that – onto the reading of 1985.

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