Thursday, July 9, 2009

Main Street Morning – Natalie L.M. Petesch

Natalie L.M. Petesch

Natalie L(evin) M(aines) Petesch

Born1924 currently - 85 years old

Education: Attended Wayne State University; Boston University, B.S., 1955; Brandeis University, M.A., 1956; University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D., 1962. Avocational Interests: Residence in Spain and Mexico, Latin American literature.

A young woman (31) seeks to discover a mother.

A mother who at one time attempted to take her own life as well as that of her unborn child – the narrator.

An internal question and answer dialog. Causes of her abandonment, reasons...questions. Probing for her existence. Is she a ghost following her mother? Was she killed (aborted – hot topic in the late 1970s)?

Questions about her father.

Who was he?

A forbidden relationship, a shameful product of love. Who is he?

Feminist literature. – sigh- Sometimes I need to remind myself that these stories were written in the 1970’s. It’s just that it seems that the whole “woman/girl struggling with a child out of wedlock” theme is played out. I can’t imagine that this was something new in 1977/78 either.

Petesch presents the struggle in an interesting way but it seems like I saw the whole thing on an after school special.

I think this was the story that initially caused me to set aside this collection for awhile and move to something a bit more engaging.

Quote from Petesch:

“In nearly all my work, even in my (surreal) dystopian novel of the twenty-first century, The Leprosarium, I have tried to present characters whom I love and respect, who are wrestling with `the griefs of the ages' with love, death, and--now more than ever--Survival."

6 out of 10.

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