Thursday, July 9, 2009

Murphy Jones : Pearblossom , California – Max Schott

Max Schott Feb. 12 1935

As humans we need other humans at times to buffer us from our past when it makes its way into our present.

Sometimes the past we wish to buffer has a person within it.

As that past returns to our present and just wanting to dip or toe into the tub, we call on our buffers...just so that we can feel the temperature of the water.

It’s important to have these people in our lives. At one time, in my life I actually lived with the thought that I could get by without others operating in the buffer capacity. I lived under the illusion that I could act independently when it came to dealing with life and all that it has to present...the problems.

Simply, we cannot, I cannot, and we should not.

On the surface, there is no reason why this story " Murphy Jones : Pearblossom , California" should appeal to me. That it does, is what makes it good. There wasn’t much of a struggle on first reading, and a second really brought out the highlights.

We may struggle with our pasts, but with the help of those we hold close, that struggle can be made a bit easier.

score 8 out of 10.

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