Monday, November 2, 2009

Long Calls – Frederick Busch

Frederick Busch August 1, 1941 - February 23, 2006

I have a couple of interviews open in my browser as I write this. They are interviews with the author of this selection. I am choosing not to read them before I write my piece on this story because I don’t want anything he says to contaminate what I want to write.

I did sneak a peak into one of the interviews, and it revealed that some of the discussion was going to be on the state of fiction during the time of the interview. (2005 – one year before his death)

The state of fiction is something that interest me and something that I think I have mentioned a few times in the past. I think, if I am careful, and my memory continues tio serve me that I will be able to see the different forms fiction and in particular the short story will take over the years as I read through these collections.

“Long Calls”.

This story served as a reminder that we all are worlds unto ourselves. We are and I am too guilty of this self absorption. We forget that everything that could and is going on in our lives, is simultaneously happening in someone else’s life...with a chance that it is impacting them, and those around them, with a greater degree of force than what is happening in your life at the moment.

David Foster Wallace did a nice job of illustrating this in his famous commencement speech.

I think though over the past few years, I have become better at realizing that the situation I am in now is one of relative ease and comfort. Things could be so much worse. I forget how lucky I am at times...but I do recognize that I am lucky.

Again, “Long Calls”, is a simple story giving us insight to the inner workings of a life, and the intersections, traffic, speed bumps and crashes that happen daily to people in our world.

We attempt to reach out to others, connect – heck, just survive with each other, passing along through this world, and at times we are met with characters that just are not agreeable with the current time we are in.

We need to keep in mind though that we can learn so much from everything, everybody we encounter. We need to see the signs and appreciate what others are trying to tell us. Open your eyes, and ears...your mind will follow.

Score – 7 out of 10.

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