Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The One-Star Jew - David Evanier

This story took some getting used to. 

I hate that phrase.

Getting used to. I thought at one time the word was “ust”.

As in “getting ust to.”

I was under the impression that the word ust had a meaning unto itself.

Anyway, I had to look deeper into this story to find what it was attempting to teach me.

Again, I felt that this selection was an instruction into one’s place in life, a transition, as well as a discovery, of where one is positioned in the universe.

Are you Jewish? A Buddhist? A transcendentalist? An Atheist?

Can you be everything and nothing? Must you be grounded, or do you project a sense of being grounded to those you love and who you interact with our are you one who is soaring above the earth in your head...looking at the universe and all that it can become for you?

Is there a danger of not being grounded and flying too high? What is the limit?

As I’ve mentioned. I’m in a position in life where I am asking questions of myself in relation to where I stand with myself.

A spiraling circle of questions. I usually ask these questions on my runs where I spend over an hour or two or three on the road. I have plenty of time to think out there and to have an internal Q&A session with myself.

Rather than sitting still in a room concentrating on my breathing, I choose to spend my meditative moments on the road.

I like to think all of us go through life thinking about where we fit into this reality we live in, but, after working where I do, exploring what I do, I’m afraid that I believe that there is a low, dull monotone ringing across the mental landscape of a majority of my countryman’s minds. I just don’t see them thinking about themselves in a way that is as introspective as I would consider healthy for them.

I don’t need to get into a whole digression of where we are as a society an how we are now paying the price of what we have failed to see within ourselves over the past several decades. These stories will show that for me.

I just felt that this story was telling me that it was OK to settle back and constantly question where I am and where I am going.

It was a difficult story but one that provided and nice assuring lesson.

Score – 6 out of 10.

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