Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Best American Short Stories 1983 Anne Tyler & Shannon Ravenel

There really isn’t too much to say about the physical make-up of this book so I’ll just combine the Contents post with the Description post.

I can’t recall where exactly this edition of the BASS came from. I could very well be from Better World Books but I’m not 100% sure.

This was not a former library book but there are some small clues as to who the previous own was. I’m almost certain that this book belonged to an individual.

A short story writer.

If you look at this photo, you will see some marks next to some addresses of literary magazines.

I can only suppose that the previous owner of this book intended to contact these magazines.

Of course, there are many other possibilities, but this seems to me to be the most obvious.

The book physically:

The book spent a good amount of time on a bookshelf. The cover is pink, but the spine is gray – obvious sun bleaching.

This is the first paperback BASS that I will be reading in this project. I have some more further down the road.

The glue has failed in some areas, and a few pages are coming loose. I suspect that I I read, and flip through the pages, more will come unglued making for a mess book in the end.

I think that covers everything. Onto the reading!

Contents -

xi Introduction - Anne Tyler

1 Hard to Be Good - Bill Barich - New Yorker Dec 20 ’82
25 The Dignity of Life - Carol Bly - Ploughshares, 1982
48 A Change of Season - James Bond - Epoch, 1982
68 Where I’m Calling From - Raymond Carver - New Yorker Mar 15 ’82
84 “Ollie, Oh...” - Carolyn Chute - Ploughshares, 1982
99 My Mistress - Laurie Colwin - Playboy Mar ’82
117 The Count and the Princess - Joseph Epstein - The
Hudson Review Spr ’82
141 Scales - Louise Erdrich - North American Review, 1982
155 The Professor’s Houses - Ursula K. Le Guin - New Yorker Nov 1 ’82
161 Sur - Ursula K. Le Guin - New Yorker Feb 1 ’82
178 Graveyard Day - Bobbie Ann Mason - Ascent, 1982
191 Victrola - Wright Morris - New Yorker Apr 12 ’82
201 Reunion - Julie Schumacher -
California Quarterly, 1982
210 Best Quality Glass Company,
New York - Sharon Sheehe Stark Prairie Schooner, 1982
Colorado - Robert Taylor, Jr. - The Ohio Review, 1982
236 Starlight - Marian Thurm - New Yorker May 10 ’82
249 Deaths of Distant Friends - John Updike - New Yorker Jun 7 ’82
Reunion - Guy Vanderhaeghe - Saturday Night, 1982
269 Beebee - Diane Vreuls - Shenandoah, 1982
285 Firstborn - Larry Woiwode - New Yorker Nov 22 ’82

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