Friday, April 2, 2010

The seeds.

What lies between the pages.

The discovery of these seeds are one of the reasons why I like buying used books.

I’d never find these seeds in an e-book.

I mentioned in a previous post that I thought these could be poppy seeds that fell off a previous reader’s morning bagel. At least, that’s what I imagine.

The were wedged in between two different pages in what is called the gutter of the book. The seeds have left a definite mark on the pages that they were pressed against so that rules out me accidentally dropping seeds into the book (plus I haven’t eaten poppy seeds recently).

Well, I’m up for a little fun. I’m going to plant these seeds and see if anything grows. I’m doubtful, but what the hell – who knows.

Some see seeds as a symbol of hope – I have a lot of hope right now and hope for the future. Some very good things are happening in my life now, and...well...I just gotta keep the hope going by planting these seeds.

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