Friday, April 16, 2010

Lamb Says - Roseanne Coggeshall

Roseanne Coggeshall - ????

I really enjoyed this story.

The thought of a young boy reading all of the great authors and really not finding the point to speak because there really isn’t anything important enough in this world to cause him to waste his time on speaking...until he feels the need to utter the word “No”.

“No” is such a powerful word.

I have felt at times, in my life, that there have been too many people speaking too much, and now, in this day and age, more than ever.

There is so much noise in this world, everyone feels that they have something to say, and about 90% of it is crap!

Look at what I’m doing.

None of this really can benefit you the reader in any way.

I’m reading some of America’s greatest authors, and they have a lot to say, a lot to teach, and I at times have something to say about it.

From the start, I stated that this whole exercise is for me – a way to get my feelings in order also I’d like to give myself an education through these stories. These authors have a lot to offer, and I would like to learn from them.

Why do I have it here on this public platform rather than in a journal?

Well, I have both.

Here is a shot of my journal.

I’d also like to leave something behind that is secure for my children to read someday. Leaving this digital trail for them will do just that. I’ll do my best to preserve the paper and ink...but I’d like to offer them this as well.

So, here I am spouting off a bunch of crap, pushing out a bunch of letters into the electronic world, adding to the noise.

And to those who know me... лучше молчать !!

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