Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Best American Short Stories 1982

The Best American Short Stories 1982 ed. John Gardner & Shannon Ravenel

Introduction - John Gardner

Cathedral - Raymond Carver

Dancing Ducks and Talking Anus - James Ferry

The Courtship of Widow Sobcek - Joanna Higgins

Good Rockin’ Tonight - William Hauptman

Shelter the Pilgrim - Fred Licht

Coach - Mary Robison

Exchange Value - Charles Johnson

K. 590 - Nicholson Baker

The Dolphin Story - Joyce Renwick

The Continental Heart - Lissa McLaughlin

The Cafe de Paris - Roberta Gupta

The Power of Language Is Such That Even a Single Word Taken Truly to Heart Can Change Everything - Alvin Greenberg

The Gift Horse’s Mouth - R. E. Smith

Harmony of the World - Charles Baxter

Coming Over - Edith Milton

The Girl Who Was No Kin to the Marshalls - Anne Hobson Freeman

Prize Tomatoes - Anne F. Rosner

Proud Monster—Sketches - Ian MacMillan

Lamb Says - Roseanne Coggeshall

Theft - Joyce Carol Oates

The Best American Short Stories 1982

I can’t at this time remember which shipment this book was bundled with but I have a feeling it was with a Better World Books order. It is a former library book, and as with previous books from BWB, it is in wonderful condition.

The book is from the Sun Prairie Public Library in Sun Prairie Wisconsin.

The circulation history on the overdue card only dates back to June of 1990 – I’m sure it saw higher circulation closer to its release date. It was also affixed with a computer barcode for circulation when the library updated their system so any history after 1996 is a mystery.

Little funny thing I noticed – It was stamped “non-fiction”.

Accident I’m sure.

Concerning Sun Prarie Library, they seem to be a very cool system.

First thing I noticed was their operating hours. Long weekday hours and they are even open on Sundays!

They have a great online presence and as I finish typing this I’ll start to follow them on twitter and become a fan on their Facebook page. They even have close to 70 pictures on a Flickr account.

Because of their Flickr page, I was able to take a little tour of the former home of my book (great check-out area with a great looking Blue Cow!).

They are very active on both their social networking accounts and post updates and schedules regularly.

It really looks like The BASS 1982 had a comfortable home, and once again, I thank the forward thinking librarian that decided weed out this book and allow BWB to sell it to me.


  1. I read this anthology in 1985 and enjoyed it very much. At the time, I was engaged in the lonely, peripatetic endeavor of pursuing work as a model, and I checked the book out of a lending library operated by the American Consulate General in Milan. Good luck with completing your collection!

    1. Hello Peter-

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and relating your experience of finding the book in Milan! How cool! I think that the 1982 collection is my favorite so far. I have some wonderful memories associated with reading/researching this collection of stories. Have you ever thought of reading it again in these times? Just wondering. Thanks again and take care! - All the best.

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