Monday, February 15, 2010

Shiloh – Bobbie Ann Mason

Bobbie Ann Mason – May 1, 1940

In Shiloh, I found a nice stepping stone to reflect on past relationships. I can include friendships in this as well, not to focus just upon “romantic” relationships that I have had.

There is a fine balance that we must all walk in life where personal development and growth lie ahead as a reward and detachment or loss lie behind us – or rather- to our side.

It is important to recognize this see-saw type of relationship we have with others and ourselves because if one side is too heavy, we risk so much.

It will be ten years this summer that M and I have been married. Early on in our marriage, she blamed me for being “selfish”.

I fought her on this label but I the end, upon refection, she was 99% right in its application.

I have learned to balance out what I enjoy doing in life to the time spent in our life “together”.

The reward to making compromises to a friend, wife or family member is usually worth it.

Both of us over the past ten years have sacrificed for each other. It’s called “being married”.

Why would we deny the other the happiness that would come from the pursuit of something we wish to work hard for?

She has come to understand the importance of me running for hours at a time – the therapy that it provides. She also understands how important reading and the collection of books is to me.

I recognize that she has to go against her better judgment sometimes, but when she does, it is a sacrifice that makes me happy.

The perspective that another can provide to you in your pursuit of your wants can be beneficial as well. Others keep us in check – they make sure that our dreams aren’t too lofty – or doomed to fail. They also can provide encouragement when we feel that our dreams are out of reach.

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