Monday, October 12, 2009

The Eye – Paul Bowles

Paul Bowles December 30, 1910 – November 18, 1999

One can find quite a lot of information on Paul Bowles. I recognized his name from the research done on his wife Jane after her inclusion in BASS 1978.

This was an interesting story and I think it appealed to the readers of 1979. I would thank that a majority of the readers of BASS in the 1970’s would be familiar with Morocco and that it still had the exotic spice surrounding it left over from the Beats. Not to mention Ginsburg’s time there and Leary drawing attention to North Africa.

This story was interesting in that it gave me a chance to gain wisdom once again to the differing cultures that we have in this world but a the same time, basic human desires and behaviors cross all of the potential barriers that we think of existing between the worlds.

Underneath it all, we are human.

I really don’t have much else to say about this story. It hasn’t stirred any particular passions in me. I will say though that I really like the photo that precedes this post and I have included a photo of Paul and Jane below that I am quite taken with.

Score 7 out of 10

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