Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spelling– Alice Munro

Alice Munro – July 10, 1931

I don’t think any introduction is need of Alice Munro. Plenty of information online and plenty of reviews of her work...even reviews of this very story. Why should I add my review?

The story was fine on all accounts. It didn’t knock me off my feet. What it did do is what these stories are supposed to do – either educate, jump start the pursuit of a portion of knowledge or ignite a stream of reflection.

“Spelling” set me off on thinking about the lives of my parents as they grow older – specifically, how I will interact with them.

Was this the intention of Munro? Well, that’s the beauty of the short, the power to move minds.

Over the past 9 years, it seems that the change in my parents have become more evident. My father of course has ALZ. Early diagnosis. He lives in PA. so I rarely see him but when I do, the effects of the disease are pretty noticeable.

Concerning my mother, I see her weekly because we live in the same city. I think that I noticed the biggest change in her a couple of years after our return from Romania.

How will I deal with them when they are well into their senior years? Because of what ALZ does, I can only expect the worst for my dad. How will it impact my life, our lives?

Score 7 out of 10.

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