Monday, October 12, 2009

Paper Covers Rock – Jean Thompson

Jean Thompson b. 1950

I really enjoy story rich in details. It has to be the reason why Oates dropped this story in. The story was like eating a nice ripe juicy slice of watermelon in August.

I could hear the conversations; feel the touches between the characters, the glances, the inner thoughts and the shallow breaths exhaled by the main character as she struggled against her lover and herself. I could feel the tension as characters met and dueled silently with sharp eyes.
I reflected back on old relationships as a result of this story. Both relationships I have had with girls (romantic) and the friendships I have had (male and female).

I had a nice circle of friends growing up and continue to have a small but close circle today. I am quite satisfied.

Girlfriends. I didn’t play the field, but through high school I had a steady stream of relationships and 2 years of college (last two) allowed me the time to deal with the opposite sex. I think that all the past relationships I have had have allowed we to be an effective husband. I have been able to take the good from the bad and apply it today. I’ve done pretty well at not making the same mistake twice.
Jean Thompson seems to have done well for herself as a writer.

Score 8 out of 10.

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