Monday, October 12, 2009

Trip in a Summer Dress – Annette Sanford

Annette Sanford ( 1929 - )


We make them daily.

Minute by minute, day by day, and at those special moments of crossroads, those very decisions can alter your future in ways that you can never imagine.

Sanford provided me with a nice device to reflect on my past decisions and those that will arise in my near future.

Concerning the story, I’ve always wondered about young unwed mothers and how the pregnancy alters their lives. It’s too often that we see the result of an unsuccessful life of a single mother and child. Those who are able to pull it off rarely get a second glance because of their success and ability to seamless integrate into the “normal” lives of the rest of us.

Bus rides – they suck and are scary. I’ve made them as a young boy and as a college student. They are cheap, dirty, and long and make the riders feel like ass.

Back to decisions.

I chastise myself daily for some of the decisions I make. They are the decisions I make that I know are wrong but for whatever reason, I continue to make.

For the most part though, I make some pretty good decisions. I have a pretty good set of conservative rails that I ride on but the chance to exercise some freedom from those rails comes often and the decisions I make rarely cause trouble.

Looking at my profile, it’s easy to see the major decisions that I have made in my life. Looking deeper into these posts, you can see the more minute decisions and how they have caused my life to venture off down different roads.

I’m pretty firm in wanting the ability to make my own decisions...liberal and conservative – either way, I want the control.

Sports or NJROTC

Civilian College or Military University

4 years or the rest of your life

New Jersey or Virginia

Virginia or New Jersey

Blue Collar or White Collar

Military Service or Peace Corps

Quitting or finishing what you started

Leaving behind someone you love or taking her with you

Score 8 out of 10.

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