Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Addresses of American and Canadian Magazines

I've never made a post dealing with this section of the anthology because I never really paid much attention to it.

Searching for something to give me hint as to who the previous owner was, I scoured this book with extra care in an attempt to pick up any clues.

I mentioned in one of the first posts that I felt that this book sat on a book shelf for an extended period of time and that particular shelf had to be facing the sun due to the discoloration of the book spine.

I wonder how this book found its way off that shelf where it sat for years and to a deal who then sold it to me.

So, as the picture above shows, the previous owner of this book made notations next to many magazines throughout the listings.

Were these magazines that manuscripts were sent to? Were they magazines that the owner subscribed to? It could be anything really.

But someone did take the time to make these marks, and I like to think that someone spent a good deal of time considering where to place those marks.

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