Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Best Quality Glass Company, New York - Sharon Sheehe Stark

Sharon Sheehe Stark - ??

I’ve looked into my cellar and I have seen an intruder. Yes, just as in this story, the porthole into the cellar is just a sliver of mirror reflecting back an image of myself that I find distorted and almost unrecognizable – a vision of another person...covered in coal dust – cowering in a corner, shamed, bound by sin.

But I’m trying hard, and I wrestle with this intruder everyday until one day, hopefully I will defeat him completely.

The ability to recognize this intruder is a step, and knowing him and gaining knowledge of him will allow me to develop a plan towards his eventual defeat.

“In the most important questions of your life, you are always alone. No one other than you can understand your true history, your life story, as it develops. The essence of true life is your attitude, during the different stages of your life, toward your spiritual self, and your ability to follow that voice living inside you.”

June 2. Wise Thoughts for Every Day - Leo Tolstoy

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