Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beebee – Diane Vreuls

Diane Vreuls - ? Professor at Oberlin College

It’s a strange thing how we sabotage ourselves. We would think that we have the best intentions for our future, but there is a strange compulsion in us at times to throw a stick into our spokes.

I can look back over my life and see a few decisions that I made where it is clear at the time that I was going to be doing some damage to my horizons. But – as the years passed things worked out.

There are things today even as I struggle with self-disciple when I sabotage my future – like getting through this edition of the BASS. This has been a tough one. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to finish reading the collection and opportunities to finish the postings but I just can’t get thought it.

People struggle with addictions and knowing wish that they could quite the vice that has them under control – a vice that could be harmful to them but they carry on with their actions and could quite possibly damage their health or future.

Problem is, the saying “don’t know what you’ve had ‘till it’s gone” doesn’t really apply because you know what you have and you know that it could be gone but you do nothing to prevent its loss.

Strange thing...us humans.

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