Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Best American Short Stories 1983 – Complete!

This was a tough one. I just did not have the will to push through the reading of these stories.

Honestly, I thought that this was a bland collection.

Tyler in her introduction said that this anthology “would almost bounce; it would almost shout”.

I’d have to strongly disagree with that statement.

Favorites and their authors -

Carolyn Chute - “Ollie, Oh...”

Joseph Epstein - The Count and the Princess

John Updike - Deaths of Distant Friends

The anthology introduced me to Chute which was pleasant. I like to see a writer like her appear and I look forward to reading more by her in future collections.

The inclusion of Updike, and knowing that he is the editor for the next collection pushed me towards starting research on him and taking on an excitement similar to that of how I felt when dealing with Gardner.

Now with the numbers – I really don’t feel like spending a minute more with this year.

Time to read the book and to finish posts about the collection:

1 month 18 days

which is

6 weeks and 6 days


48 days

and this works out to:

1 story every 2.4 days.

Gender profile of authors:

11 Female – 9 Male

And finally, there were 8 stories from authors that had their story originally appear in the New Yorker.

I spent too much time with this book, and I will be happy to place it back up on my bookshelf.

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