Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Best American Short Stories 1984 – The Book and the Contents

The physical condition of this volume of the BASS is quite good. It does appear that there was a previous owner who read some of the stories because of the crease marks along the spine. There is almost no wear on the book around the outside edges and there are only a couple of pages in the back of the book that have been accidentally dog eared – probably during shipping. The pages look tight and I won’t have a problem with this volume as I did with the last of having pages slide out on me.

Contents below.

The Best American Short Stories 1984 ed. John Updike & Shannon Ravenel (Houghton Mifflin, 1984)

xi Introduction John Updike

1 The Final Proof of Fate and Circumstance · Lee K. Abbott Georgia Review, 1983

13 The Naked Lady Madison Smartt Bell The Crescent Review, 1983

19 Unknown Feathers Dianne Benedict MSS, 1982

35 In the Red Room Paul Bowles Antæus, 1981

45 The Cure Mary Ward Brown Ascent, 1983

56 Gent Rick DeMarinis Cutbank, 1983

72 A Father’s Story Andre Dubus · nv, 1983

95 Lena · Mavis Gallant New Yorker Oct 31 ’83

106 Inexorable Progress Mary Hood Georgia Review, 1983

123 The Artificial Moonlight Donald Justice Antæus Spr/Sum ’83

140 Morrison’s Reaction Stephen Kirk Greensboro Review, 1983

150 Thorofare Susan Minot New Yorker Jun 27 ’83

161 Glimpse Into Another Country Wright Morris New Yorker Sep 26 ’83

177 Nairobi Joyce Carol Oates The Paris Review, 1983

184 Rosa Cynthia Ozick New Yorker Mar 21 ’83

223 The Cold Room Lowry Pei Stories, 1983

238 Things to Be Thrown Away Jonathan Penner The Yale Review Spr ’83

243 Bruins · Norman Rush New Yorker Apr 4 ’83

255 Foreign Shores · James Salter Esquire Sep ’83

271 Caddies’ Day · Jeanne Schinto Greensboro Review, 1983

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  1. Help!

    I'm trying to find the title for a short story I read, probably during the years of 1984-86, while I was in school. It was about a reporter called away from his new years eve party, and his pregnant wife, to go interview a man who is passing away at the hospital, and who has a remarkable story to tell. He was born the previous new years, and has reached old age by the next new years eve.

    This is not Benjamin Button.

    Ring a bell? Would love to find it.